Tekla Campus

Tekla Campus is Tekla's online learning community for downloading the free educational student configuration, Tekla Structures Learning, and learning the basics of the software in an engaging and inspiring way. Tekla is a global provider of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to the engineering and construction markets.

Client objective

Tekla wanted to create a completely new learning service utilizing gamification, and having versatile ways to setup the learning modules and tests.

The goal of the service is to raise the awareness of Tekla among students and professionals who have not yet entered the engineering and construction job market, and increase the number of students who learn Tekla, which can offer them a wider choice of options on the job market.

Tekla wanted to find a reliable Drupal design and development partner who could take care of the service design and development as a whole, including refining the requirements, layout design, technical design, implementation, testing, deployment, and support.


The project took place in two phases, the first one focusing on creating the initial service fast, and phase 2 on refining the service and extending the learning functionality and gamification elements.

We started the work by refining the requirements and concept, and designing the layouts together with Tekla's team. The technical team was closely involved in the design phase, in order to make it smooth to implement the layouts with the chosen tools. 

The service was built using Drupal content management system, which provides rich content management features, and even more importantly a possibility to implement the custom features of the site. It turned out the ready-made Drupal contrib modules didn't provide an adequate functionality for the desired tests, quizzes and gamification, so we implemented a whole set of custom modules for the site. The site was also integrated with Tekla's centralized identity management service.


The service was launched globally on time for the starting school year, followed by the phase 2 design and implementation project. Every semester, new students get familiar with Tekla Structures through the learning paths in Campus.

The service was also selected as a finalist in a Finnish e-learning competition. 



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