Verso is a powerful online tool that makes responsible business performance management and communication simple for everyone – from SME’s to global businesses.

Client objective

The idea of Verso was born in 2007 when founding members Florian Holl and Jussi Korpikoski were wondering how difficult it was to find concrete and understandable information on companies’ responsible performance.

Typically, responsibility is described in formal documents that are not available or understandable for consumers. Those documents do not convey the importance of corporate social responsibility outside of the company and they do not create affectional bonds between responsible companies and conscious consumers.


In the beginning of the project, the aim was set high: Corporate social responsibility must be made easy to understand, fun to read, and also effective inside the company in question.

Our work started with the concept and user interface, focusing on organising and writing the content about responsibility. Strong and bold visual style was defined to convey the message with an impact to the consumers and other readers of the responsibility content.

For the platform, we designed and developed a multibrand and multilingual system based on Drupal. Verso's customers have full access to their responsibility content and can also utilise shared data provided by Verso to further develop their responsibility related practices and processes.


Through Verso's platform, big and small companies can develop and share their corporate social responsibility initiatives with their partners and customers. The sharing is easy and the end results are beautiful. Verso's clients have been happy with the easyness of the platform compared to the traditional way of documenting corporate social responsibility.

Verso and Exove continue to develop the platform, as there is still a lot to conquer in the corporate social responsibility.